GNOME apps have a slow connection on F36

Hello everyone, I am a new Fedora user. I started using F36 around three weeks ago and I have been loving it since!

Recently, however, I have been facing an annoying issue. Every GNOME app that uses an internet connection has been really slow over the past week, and I often have issues due to the connection timing out in those apps. For example, Geary is taking around 3 minutes to update my inbox, and it often fails to load images in the messages. Searching for anything in GNOME software often takes around one minute to show me any results. GNOME Web takes more than a minute to load a webpage as simple as Duckduckgo.

What is really weird is that this only happens to GNOME apps. Firefox, Steam, Spotify, or any other internet app that is not made by GNOME is able to use my internet connection like normal and load things fast. This makes me believe that it is not an issue with my network adaptor (but for the record, it is an Intel AC 3165).

I have already tried rebooting my device and updating it to the latest software versions, but the problem still persists.

Does anyone have any idea of what could be causing this issue? I will gladly provide other info about my system if needed.

Thank you in advance.

Using System monitor, Did you monitored background apps that are consuming network data? This might help you in understanding what is causing the problem.
Or else
Try to change DNS and manual ip config, this might resolve the issue.