GitLab structure for Design team

I have a handful of repos in Pagure that i hope to migrate over to the designteam’s gitlab, however, just wondering if there are any open proposals for how to structure the repos and groups in the designteam’s gitlab. One of the strengths of GitLab (IMHO) is the ability to have multiple nested “subgroups” and group content under them (the docs team is using this to some extent – Fedora Docs · GitLab)

The repos are:

Hey @ryanlerch -

I have some issues right now creating subgroups for the team. But what I’d like to do for these repos is have three new subgroups they live under:

  • Release Artwork

    • fedora-workstation-backgrounds would go under this subgroup
  • Event Artwork

    • flock-booklets
  • Marketing Collateral

    • fedora-loves-python-brochure