Fedora Design Team moving to GitLab from Pagure


I have set the Fedora Design team issues queue on Pagure (Overview - design - Pagure.io) to read-only. The team has migrated to this GitLab space:

Moving forward, please submit your Fedora Design team requests to this issue queue:


Why the change?

We’ve been talking about moving to GitLab for months now that Fedora has a space on there set up, but we kept getting new issues filed in Pagure which made it hard to track our work in GitLab. So I decided freezing the issues queue on Pagure and putting up a redirect notice would be a good way to start having issues filed there allowing us to migrate.

Using the repository on that space has long been an issue for us because we have a ton of large binary files in one repo. It makes it difficult for new contributors to check out the repository, especially if they do not have a lot of high-speed bandwidth, because the repository is so large. GitLab enables us to organize our team space into subprojects and create repos in that structure making it a little easier to break projects down into manageable-sized repos, which we hope will make it easier to organize / share assets, especially for new comers to the team.

Anothe rpart of the push to do this now instead of any other time is that we have a newly-formed Community Design Team internally at Red Hat, alongside the Community Platform Engineering (CPE) team. We would like to track our activity publicly in a similar manner to the CPE team, and GitLab has some nice tools for doing so.

Is pagure.io/design going away?

I hope not! We have a lot of important assets still in Pagure, so we don’t intend for that to go away as an asset repository for some time. I do have a backup of the assets via the ticket git repo but they are organized based on unique keys / file ids and difficult to browse through in that format.

I had a ticket open in the pagure issues for the design team and it hasn’t been migrated over.

We’re migrating them slolwy as we pick them up to work on them; if you’d like yours migrated sooner let me know and I will migrate it for you on a case-by-case basis. Note that this is a manual copy/paste job; I played around writing scripts against my ticket repo checkout from pagure but GitLab’s import functionality is a bit limited in this regard.

I have a question that isn’t answered here!

Ask and we are happy to add it here :slight_smile: