Fedora Design Team & Gitlab

Hi everyone!

Thanks to the CPE team, we have our own Gitlab space on the Fedora Gitlab here:


I’ve been using it increasingly as of late and it is extremely helpful - it has a kanban board system that Emma and I have started to use to organize fedoraproject.org redesign tasks:


We also will be starting a project for Fedora 37 to get a new set of 6 installed-by-default extra wallpapers together - I created a project for this in Gitlab as well:


I think Gitlab is a really good system to use to organize more complex, longer-term projects that are bigger than what a small ticket can really manage well. We may eventually want to move from Pagure to Gitlab for creating new tickets as well. Let me know what your thoughts are on that. In the meantime, please join the fun with the projects we have (and will have!) going forward on Gitlab - you should be able to log into https://gitlab.com/fedora to get your account set up: