Moving to GitLab

Eduard proposed moving Marketing tickets from Pagure to GitLab. I have no objection to that. I suggest we don’t bother moving open issues though. The ticket queue has been inactive long enough that now’s a good time to declare bankruptcy and start over.

GitLab seems to have some powerful tools like Value Stream Analytics | GitLab out of the box. No idea what it is or how it works. Just sounds awesome. :smiley:

I’m agree with just move and create the GitLab for the Marketing team directly, and after a week, delete or archive the Pagure project. @bcotton is this something that needs to be requested to infra?

Anyone with admin-level privileges on the repo can delete it. The “Delete Project” option is at the bottom of the settings menu.

Like personal repos. What about creating the new one in GitLab?

Unclear. There’s a “request access” link on the Fedora namespace, but I think you may need to file an infra ticket to get the necessary permissions right now. And they’ll probably have to create the “Marketing” Subgroup.

Ok, I put that on my to-do list for the marketing team. Thanks a lot!

I’ve filed the ticket to infra.


SAML SSO for fedora · GitLab is not visible for outside contributors who are not logged in.

The ticket is done! Now we have a subgroup where we can work.

I’ve created a new project where issues should be created to work on Marketing. Thanks to @ryanlerch for your help! I need to figure it out some stuff, but I’m familiar with GitLab so it shouldn’t be hard