GitLab subproject structure for Websites & Apps

Hi all,

Websites & Apps currently has this sub-group in the Fedora GitLab instance:

And currently, it is organized like this:

  • Themes (subgroup)
    • Fedora Bootstrap Theme (repo)
    • Fedora Mediawiki Theme (repo)
  • Meeting Logs (repo)
  • Website Revamp (repo)

IMHO, we should utilise the subgroups to help organize our content as we add / migrate it, maybe something like this:

  • Themes (subgroup)
    • Fedora Bootstrap Theme (repo)
    • Fedora Mediawiki Theme (repo)
  • Apps (subgroup)
    • Fedora Badges (subgroup)
      • fedbadges (repo)
      • tahrir-api (repo)
      • tahrir (repo)
    • Another app (repo)
  • Websites (subgroup)

Will meeting logs be at the same level as the Apps and Websites subgroups?

Not 100% sure. We can, or some up with a good name for those kinds of repos and group them together.

any suggestions?

If it is possible to keep meta repos relevant to all sub-groups at the top-level group, I think that makes the most sense instead of coming up with a new sub-group.

It would be good to have a websites-management repo (or named something else) to house things like meeting lots. It could also be used for storing things like mockups and materials relevant for the site revamp. Basically for program management.

I’m having trouble visualizing what you mean, could you provide an example? I do like idea of what you’re saying.