I'm afraid I'm going to have to give up

I’ve been trying yesterday and again today for an hour now to integrate the existing texts into the new, decided structure of our Team Page into our GitLab repo, and I’m just struggling with the GitLab interface and haven’t completed a single content sentence yet.

I simply cannot afford such an unproductive overhead in terms of time. I see that GitLab is very elaborate, far more so than Pagure or Gitea to name a few, and probably GitHub as well. But most of it I don’t even need for my work and interest. It just gets in the way and takes time I don’t have. It starts with the fact that I have to click through the cookie crap every time I enter GitLab and ends with the fact that I can’t find something as simple as the preview of our new structure despite (or because of) all the nice options.

My interest is to write texts, design documentations, improve Fedora’s overall documentation. Unfortunately, I am currently not able to really do that with our available tools.

So I suggest we find someone else to take over my work and position. I will continue to write documentation, e.g. for Fedora Server, and may also write any individual texts that are needed and are either on pagure or for which the 7-step guide is sufficient.

I’m sorry to hear that. I was hoping that GitLab makes the process more comfortable for everyone, not vice versa. Would it make a difference if we had a graphical HowTo for advanced changes/contributions? The issues you experience might be experienced by others as well. Or maybe we can help? Do you have more details on where the problems are? What preview do you mean on pagure which you want to have on GitLab?

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I think GitLab makes it more comfortable for everyone who works with it on a daily base, or nearly daily. I’m an occasional user, at best. Likewise, I would need a much simpler interface or procedure. I have no need for all the powerful tools (at least currently) .But I still have to deal with it somehow, and that blows up my time budget (and my nerves).

The sole reason that you might need to accept cookies every time that you visit the site is if they are being unnecessarily cleared by your browser. If that is deliberate, you should have expected this consequence, because cookies provide much of the functionality that GitLab provides, including your preference of whether to accept unnecessary cookies or not.

I think that, ironically, part of the problem is that the Gitlab free-program-for-open-source-projects enables “ultimate tier” features. That means each project page shows exposes several dozen bells and whistles which we don’t need at all.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the cookies, though.

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