Getting NPAPI plugins working on flatpak version of Firefox nightly



I am posting this for other users’ reference. Obviously NPAPI plugins are used less and less thankfully and really are no longer a requirement especially flash. But some websites still require flash.

For example if you want flash-plugin to run on the nightly FLATPAK version of Firefox please see the following steps:

1: Download the flash tar ball from

2: Extract flash_player_npapi_linux.x86_64.tar.gz to a location of your choice inside your home directory

3: Inside the folder flash_player_npapi_linux you will find the file Copy this file to the following hidden location in your home directory:


4: Open Firefox and enter about:addons in the address bar. Under the section Plugins you will now see Shockwave Flash listed and you can enable it

Remember you can install the rpm package for flash from and flash will work on the rpm version of Firefox but won’t work on the FLATPAK version as this version is sandboxed


Do you know if the Firefox Nightly flatpak updates nightly, like a local desktop install from Mozilla does? I run Nightly from a local desktop install so I get the updates.

If anyone’s interested I can provide the scripts I use to do the install.


Nope, you have to update the flatpak. It do get updated very often, maybe not daily but I do receive them weekly.