Getting fedora email alias

Hi there,
as part of getting to know the Fedora infrastructure, I noted

EmailAliases - Fedora Project Wiki, which tells me

In order to get your email aliases, you must create an account in the Fedora Account System . You must also sign the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement and make sure you are also approved in at least one group as well.

So, in my reading my account should be eligible for an alias. But none is created, though the requirements are met, I believe for definitively several days.

I wonder whether my reading of the wiki is wrong, or if something does not quite work as it supposedly should, or the description on the wiki is not up to date.


It should automatically have been enabled. I’ve emailed ingli AT fedoraproject DOT org, let’s see if it gets to you. If there’s something wrong, I should get a bounce notification so we can debug it from there.


I think you’ll have to file an issue with Fedora infrastructure for this. Maybe some script they run didn’t run correctly, and they’ll be able to fix it.

Do note in the ticket that you are part of the fedora-join FAS group, and so have CLA+1.