Fedora Project Email Addresses

I was looking at my profile on the Badges project website, and I noticed that I have an email address at the fedoraproject domain.

I sent a test email to myself (bacarson@fedoraproject.org), and the Google Mail servers quickly sent me a return email indicating that the email address does not exist or is not recieving mail.

I assume that when someone makes a Fedora account that an email address is created for them. When would an account be activated, however, to actually receive email at that address? Where would mail be delivered to? Would mail be accessible from the discourse instances on discussion.fedoraproject.org or ask.fedoraproject.org?


The fedoraproject address is an email alias for forwarding purposes. You need to configure the target address. You can read more about it here: https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/EmailAliases


Funnily enough I was lookinbg at the exact same thing - that clears that up fpor me as well!

Please note that having a FAS account it doesn’t suffice. You need to be CLA+1, that is your user need to be part of at least one group (in addition to the CLA one).

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Is there a way the project could hide Fedora Project email addresses from users until they meet those criteria?