[Edit] Outdated Blog - 'Using Your Fedora Email Alias'

Hi, I was reading a community blog titled, “Using Your Fedora Email Alias with Gmail”, which is a tutorial that shows how to use your Fedora email alias as an outgoing email alias via the gmail service.

I noticed one of the steps that applied to me about how you can get an error on a certain page from google that is considered as an ‘unsecure app’ by Gmail/Google.

In the article it says the solution for this issue is to enable “Allow Unsecure Apps” on your google account that is linked to your gmail account you are using. This no longer works, instead of allowing unsecure apps, you need to create a special app password to use in this email alias set-up page.

The solution I found is to go to “Security” on your Google account settings, then “signing in with google” and go into the “App Passwords” menu. This menu will only show up if you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled on your Google account. In here, you have to create an app password, the label for the app password entry can be anything. Then, when you are at the email alias set-up page, you log in to your account with this app password and it works.

The community blog article said to suggest an edit to outdated information on this discussion forum, so hopefully this edit can be made to the article for others to also be able to use this tutorial today. :slight_smile:

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