All about the alias

I got lost while believing i have also a alias to forward my emails.

I just forgot where i have to set the forwarding address up?

Can someone help me to see where i have to check this, so that i can reuse the alias again.

Thanks in advance

This should have all the information you are looking for:

You do not need to set up a forwarding address, it will forward e-mails to whatever address you’ve mentioned in FAS.

PS: moving out of Lounge, no reason why this shouldn’t be visible by everyone.


Ok, i got it @ankursinha .

Everyone who sIgned the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement and is at least in one group gets an email alias like:

To check it looks like this way on Fedora Accounts :

The Alias is not a real email-mailbox. It is a forwarder alias who sends the messages from the fedora mail-server direct to the by fedora registered email.

For more details is best to read the above mentioned wiki link.

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