Email use in Fedora Project

First, I think I’m wrong, but does the Fedora Project provide an email to use for contributors? Are there domains out there?

Second, to Proton Mail users, have you run into any problems using that email provider to log in and participate in Fedora Project tools and platforms? I don’t expect there to be problems, but from what I follow in the r/ProtonMail subreddit I see weird problems come up that I wouldn’t expect.

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I personally haven’t seen anything of the sort, but I haven’t tried the new and domains Proton offers.

It provides an e-mail alias which forwards to your e-mail address registered in the Fedora account system:


You must also sign the Fedora Project Contributor Agreement and make sure you are also approved in at least one group as well.


Thank you @ersen and @alciregi for the clarification!

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