FYI on how DNF countme avoids counting Fedora's QA

Continuing the discussion from F40 Change Request: Privacy-preserving Telemetry for Fedora Workstation (System-Wide) (ping @adamwill and @wjt)

We don’t do anything to treat them as special, but unless your systems run for longer than a week, they’re never going to send more than the first-week ping. For those not aware, countme “buckets” system age into first week, 2-4 weeks, 5-23 weeks, 24+ weeks. Anyone’s QA or short-term CI runners either never show up at all, or show up in that first cohort.

Because no individual machines are tracked at all, there’s no way to tell the difference between a “week 1” system that goes on to be a Real Machine[1], but we can sort of guess in retrospect by looking at the increase in systems reporting as older the following week. In my charts, I do that estimation, and this is what I mean when I talk about “persistent” vs. “ephemeral” counts.

  1. like, a sort of robotic Pinocchio? ↩︎

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