Fedora 40: Does it have telemetry built into it?

Hi guys,

At the time of writing this post, it’s already Saturday, April 20, 2024.

Fedora 40 may hopefully be released in the next few days and I wish to thank all those involved in making it a reality.

Could someone confirm that Fedora 40 does not have telemetry built into it? (I did read the page whose link is Changes/Telemetry - Fedora Project Wiki but it doesn’t state definitively that telemetry will be implemented.)

If Fedora 40 has telemetry, is it an opt-in or opt-out choice?

Thanks for your replies.

No. If you read the link you posted, you’ll see that it even hasn’t gone to FESCO for a vote. It was only a proposed change.

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The first 2 sentences sums it up nicely IMO . . .

The Red Hat Display Systems Team (which develops the desktop) proposes to enable limited data collection of anonymous Fedora Workstation usage metrics.

Fedora is an open source community project, and nobody is interested in violating user privacy. We do not want to collect data about individual users. We want to collect only aggregate usage metrics that are actually needed to achieve specific Fedora improvement objectives, and no more.


That web page was last edited on November 2, 2023, at 13:57 and we are now near the end of April 2024. FESCo could have voted for or against it in the interim.

If FESCo voted, it would have been reflected in the proposal. This change never made it past the proposal stage. No issues or trackers were assigned.

  • FESCo issue:
  • Tracker bug:
  • Release notes tracker:

What proposal? What is its URL please?

Once again, from the Propsal page in :

Current status

  • Targeted release: Fedora Linux 40
  • Last updated: 2023-11-02
  • FESCo issue: will be assigned by the Wrangler
  • Tracker bug: will be assigned by the Wrangler
  • Release notes tracker:



You referenced the proposal and included the link in your original post.


You meant that one…

It sure looks a lot like a blog or wiki post.

I just think that that web page should have been updated by now as the release of Fedora 40 will take place in a few days’ time.

The list of accepted proposals are found at https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/40/ChangeSet

Only accepted proposals would be in this list.

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Thank you, friend. Yours is the best answer.

Moreover, that web page was last updated on February 28, 2024.

In the future, if I wish to check which proposed items are accepted in Fedora 42, I just need to replace the number 40 with 42, as in fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/42/ChangeSet, is that correct?

Yes, or you could just go to: Changes - Fedora Project Wiki and see the list of all the releases and choose the one you wish to view.

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