Firefox stability as of late

I have since some time experienced firefox and thunderbird as very unstable, tabs crashing wildly but not in a very systematic way.


  • firefox crashes also with a clean profile
  • firefox crashes most often after some time of usage at random sites
  • thunderbird normally crashes in the background
  • i see this both on an old computer that has been updated since ages and on a new installed laptop

before i write a bug report with some crash traces, is this something that anybody else has seen as well ?
existing bugs seem a bit low on info i can understand and not that much seem to happen in them…

Not seen any of these here :slightly_frowning_face:

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@enpontus not very often, but more than I like. But Both do update often… So changes are wide and everywhere .

You can help test updates before they get to Fedora users. More information here:

QA:Updates Testing - Fedora Project Wiki

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…tongue in cheek - after rebooting computer, fileserver and router it seems as if it is a bit more stable so might be something weird in my local setup causing this… keeping fingers crossed…

would that mean that the computer will get much bad software?
is somewhere a testers manual?

Sorry, could you clarify a bit please. What would mean this?

The link I’ve provided is a good start to providing feedback on updates.

I have experienced this too. The past week or two, Firefox has been crashing at random times with no pattern with regards to what sites I was viewing or what I was doing.

@FranciscoD I would like to do testing, but opening dnf to test updates overflow me with bad software?

No it won’t. The updates we test are what maintainers push, so they’ve already been checked by them. However, maintainers can’t check all use cases, so we run the tools we use and also provide feedback. Updates can include regressions, so the more we can test them, the less likely “bad” ones are to get to users in the updates repository.


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thunderbird works perfectly for me