Thunderbird 102


I hope that the latest thunderbird update (02) will be added to the F36 repo soon so that dnf can upgrade it. The tarball download that Mozilla has posted is missing both the documentation of the updater command args and it is missing the .mar file.

Even if you can divine the args by reading the updater source code on github, the process won’t run because the mar is missing. I have posted this to mozilla as a bug but they don’t think it’s important and have marked my report as invalid.

It is possible to install 102 from the snap store but this is not an update; it is a parallel install so none of your prefs are preserved.

The firefox 102 update was available in the F36 repo immediately. I don’t understand why the same is not true for thunderbird.

The time lag between t-bird updates and their availability in the fedora repo was noted by enrico in sept 2020. This is beginning to sound like a systemic problem, not a one-off occurrence.

I have probably hopelessly over-simplified the issue but then, I’m kind of a novice,

Thank you


I’m also missing update 102 :smiling_face_with_tear: Hope it will come to Fedora repos soon :wink:


I have worked out a solution:
1 - open existing t-bird
2 - go to more troubleshooting - profiles
3 - note your active profile, it will be in ~/.thunderbird/profiles
4 - goto this site and install t-bird from snap
5 - it will create a new default profile in a new default location somewhere under /var/lib/snapd/snaps
6 - open the new imstall - it will be called “thunderbird Mail”, not Thunderbird
7 - goto more troibleshooting - profiles and note the name of the new profile
8 - open the new profile folder

I made copies of both the old and new default profile folders just in case

9 - close Thunderbird mail
10 - open the new default profile folder in one window and the old default profile folder in another window. The profiles are all named with random sequences of letters
11 - delete the contents of the new default profile folder but not the folder itself. 9make a copy if you are paranoid)
12 - copy the contents od the old default profile foldef and paste into the new default (now empty) folder. Mine was 17 GB because of the mail so it will take a while to copy
13 - open Thunderbird Mail. Everything should look and work as expected
14 - sudo dnf remove thunderbird to get rid of version 91 or whatever you were on.


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same thing - waiting for an upd from outdated 91.1 in software center - to fresh 102 :crossed_fingers:

It’s now available!


Here’s the thing - Thunderbird has been in patch maintenance mode for years. Until recently. Thunderbird has picked back up and the most recent releases have had far bigger and drastic changes, both visibly, and under the hood. This makes is a much bigger deal to test out and vet than incremental Firefox changes, which are on a more regular cadence. That said, I suggest that if you’re interested in helping get stuff tested and out the door, watch for the updates to hit bodhi, where you can then test and give feedback on what works or doesn’t. Otherwise, you might see if the flathub version gets updated more quickly.

Thank you for the suggestion

where exactly available?))

I got it today with a regular dnf update.