Firefox crashes on fedora

since over a week firefox crashes when managing bookmarks on 3 fedoras :

fedora kinoite, fedora silverblue & minimal fedora gnome installed via everything iso.

it does not occur on a non-fedora os.

have sent multiple crash reports to mozilla but to no effect.

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Firefox is very unstable, crashes unpredictable and unexcpected moments. Not only on bookmarks, it does on opening links or change to other tabs, or just at random.


If you are reusing a profile, delete it and see if it is profile related. Your profile is in your home directory, just delete the .mozilla directory and launch Firefox again. If that doesn’t work, try out the flatpak version of Firefox as all dependencies are included.

Let us know how it goes!


Hi @ssjohnston14 new update changed everything. Thanx

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Depending on the number of Bookmarks you have this can be typical. Also, selecting over 500 bookmarks can crash firefox. Depends how you intend to manage this.

Always back up your .mozilla folder. If your bookmarks are not backed up, do that first.

If you proceed to delete your profile, you will have to reinstall all extensions as well.

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not in my experience. have only faced an issue with the bookmarks thingy thus far.

faced this problem on a fresh install of fedora silverblue, fedora kinoite & fedora gnome.
this problem occurs only the 1st time post installation when i delete all the preset fedora / red hat bookmarks & install my own bookmarks via an html file.
i prefer getting my apps from fedora repositories, no flatpaks.

update to the fedora firefox or the flatpak firefox?

it is an html file with 50< bookmarks.

Never flatpak, i am on Workstation.

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Workaround and a link to the Mozilla bug there.


as reported in the bug & by me earlier firefox only crashes after a fresh install the first time i delete all default bookmarks & never after that so i guess i can live with that.
i prefer not make changes to the defaults in about:config.

Weird. This happened for me, maybe “this”, maybe something else.

Invidious (Youtube) and other random tabs just crashing, not only video playing tabs.

I disabled swap but didnt help. Now I installed the flatpak, copied my profile folders, everything is the same again (love firefox for that) and tabs dont crash again.