Firefox 100.0.1 works; 101 does not work

I can play videos from & on Firefox 100.0.1. When I try to play these videos on Firefox 101 I get media_err_src_not_supported or media_err_decode messages.

Videos from YouTube play fine on Firefox 101.

Hi @cbrhonda What version of Fedora do you use? Probably this is your solution? It is due GStreamer Multimedia Codecs - H.264 is not installed by default (even if ‘enable third party repositories’ was selected). 2084544 – some videos not playing in Firefox

Hello, thanks for the tip to check into the Repositories. I have Firefox working now.

I went to Configuration - RPM Fusion and enabled the free and nonfree repositories for F36. Next I used the instructions listed in “Multimedia post-install” section to install the complements multimedia packages and the sound-and-video complement packages.

Reboot my machine and I was able to play videos from the site.

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