Openh264 and Firefox for video playback

Hello All, I completed a fresh install of Fedora 38 Workstation and opened Firefox.
Firefox would not play some videos. I checked plugins and openh264 was not active.

I then followed this helpful guide: OpenH264 :: Fedora Docs

All is well. openh264 is installed and active in Firefox.

Is there a policy prohibiting this function in Firefox with a fresh install of F38?
I checked the box for third party software with my install.
Just curious about the process to setup Firefox, Thanks :slight_smile:

For displaying videos, Firefox is using the ffmpeg package. I would suggest to install ffmpeg from rpmfusion-free-updates, which will allow you to run youtube videos.

OpenH264 is disabled on my Firefox, and I don’t seem to miss it.

Is WebRTC working for you without it? Both teams and webex didn’t work for me until I enabled OpenH264.

I don’t use WebRTC, so I can’t say.