Final F38 Release Validation RC 1.5

Hey All,

We are closing in on the Go/NoGo tonight and We would like to have as much feedback as possible on this new 1.5 RC.

Also, there is a potential nvme bug 2186358 – Unable to Install to NVMe device with F38 DVD and no network, people with nvme storage devices with

free cycles, we do appreciate you testing this out!

Also, Fedora Media Writer hasn’t been tested on Mac and Windows 11, so if you have any of those, it would be great to have some testing on those as well!

Find the links to 1.5 here


The 1.5 is broked. The results for 1.4 will be counted. Here’s where you find 1.4


RC 1.5 link: Index of /compose/38/latest-Fedora-38/compose