Help Test Fedora Media Writer 5.0

We just learned that there’s an opportunity to have a brand new Fedora Media Writer 5.0 (with a completely redone UI, but using the same background code) together with the Fedora 36 release. The timing is tight, but we agreed that we’d like to give it a try.
We’d like to gather test feedback today and tomorrow, so that we can decide whether it’s a good idea to make it public next week on Tuesday for F36 GA (assuming we’re GO today). If it doesn’t work well, we’ll ask Jan Grulich, the developer, to keep to the old FMW 4.2 for now.

Where’s the build?
The latest 5.0 builds are GH release binaries here and Koji is here

What can test for?

  • FMW 5.0 on all possible platforms and system configurations as possible, and report here?
  • There’s a guide here for making FMW see the latest F36 RCs, instead of feeding it the ISO manually:QA:Testcase USB fmw - Fedora Project Wiki(of course the Setup phase doesn’t apply, use the links above instead)
  • Please tell us which version you tested (rpm/flatpak/windows/mac), on which OS, with which hardware (especially the GPU could be relevant for rendering the UI, and if you used closed/open drivers in case of Nvidia), and how it went.



There’s a newer -2 version of the RPM here in Koji. It fixes showing images.

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And here’s -3 version which fixes many more identified issues here in Koji.

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Another RPM version here in Koji. Flatpak/Windows/Mac builds are updated automatically on the project page, as linked above.

There will be an official FMW 5.0 release made today. You’ll find it on project pages for Flatpak/Windows/Mac and in Bodhi updates for regular Fedora releases. Testing is still valueable, but if you find any problem, please report them to the project tracker from now. Thank you!

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The official Fedora registry still has v.4.2.2 while v5 seems to have already been posted on Flathub. Is there a reason for the discrepancy? If anything, I would have assumed that the Fedora registry would receive the updates first.

flatpak remote-ls --app | grep MediaWriter
Fedora Media Writer     org.fedoraproject.MediaWriter   4.2.2   stable  x86_64  fedora
Fedora Media Writer     org.fedoraproject.MediaWriter   5.0.1   stable  x86_64  flathub

Not sure how often Fedora flatpaks get updated, but even the Fedora 35 RPM is not stable yet:

You can help to test it, provide karma, and help it push stable.
(In Fedora 36, the RPM is already stable).

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