Fedora Media Writer showing F38 as a beta

The Media Writer app will show Fedora 38 as a beta on some variants when you click on them, but not others. It seems like if I select F38 from one of the options that has it available, then it will remain for a spin that didn’t have it available originally.

Not sure where to bring this up, but here it is. :slight_smile:

On which desktop you tested? I went thru all images and just had two cases where i not could select F36. The rest was all available as F36/37/38 no beta.

I believe this is depending on your mirror you connecting too. I connect in Brasil and as I said I could not reproduce the error.

I used Gnome and the version 5.0.6-2.fc38 of the mediawriter.

One also would not see such a list if they were to download the iso then on the first screen of media writer to select the iso instead of using mediawriter to download & write the image. That avoids potential problems with the mirrors in use.

I can confirm that

but only when I select Fedora IoT in the previous spoke.

As far as I know, the list of available releases/spins/editions/labs is grabbed from https://getfedora.org/releases.json

Indeed there is not Fedora IoT 38 in such json.
Probably (just wondering), Media Writer contains a base list of entries [1] that is updated and superseded by parsing such json file. If there is not a higher version, the entry from the bundled in the sources is maintained in the list.

Such releases.json is automatically generated from the main compose (that doesn’t include IoT) and is maintained by the website team.[2]
This issue could be interesting: Fedora Media Writer releases.json generation script (#164) · Issues · fedora / Fedora Websites and Apps / Fedora Websites / fedora-websites-3.0 · GitLab

  1. MediaWriter/src/app/data/assets/releases.json at main · FedoraQt/MediaWriter · GitHub ↩︎

  2. Someone already filed a ticket to Fedora Infra team Issue #11180: IoT not listed in releases.json - fedora-infrastructure - Pagure.io, but it appears that such json file is maintained by the Website Team ↩︎


I was trying this through Fedora Workstation, but I just checked on my other laptop with Fedora KDE and I’m seeing the same issue.

Sorry, I checked again and can confirm the F38 Beta on IOT.