Please help complete validation testing for current Fedora 39 candidate nightly!

Hey folks! If you don’t follow the mailing list, we got a new release validation candidate nightly today (I should figure out a way to get those mails posted here too…). Although we still don’t have an RC for the Fedora 39 Final release, I want to ask folks to please help us fill out the matrices for this candidate as much as possible. It’s best if we find any remaining blocker bugs now, not wait for an RC before doing the full testing.

You can use testcase_stats to see what test cases probably need running - . The pages there shows the execution history and last run date for each test on the corresponding matrix page, so you can see at a glance which tests haven’t been run recently or at all. Please focus on tests marked Basic, Beta or Final that have not yet been run, or not been run for some time. And of course, if you find a significant bug, mark the test as a failure, file a bug, and nominate it as a release blocker. The validation compose mail has more details on how to test and file results.

Thanks a lot folks!

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Just in case if someone looks for it :wink:
Fedora nightly compose finder

that’s not actually the right link for validation testing. We don’t do the validation tests on every nightly, because there are too many. every few days, a nightly is “nominated” for validation testing - that’s this process. the correct links are in the email - . The Summary page - - is a good starting point. it has all the download links.

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Thanks for the clarification.
The first link was miss leading me and frustrated a bit. I am not new to fedora, but when testing the first thing I do is to download the iso’s. You might include in the next announcement where beginners alias first time testers should start … the wiki link is the right place, thanks.

I live in Brazil and to download testing images is always more complicated. The free vpn from Proton also helps to speed up the download process.