Can I download fedora 38 using Fedora media writer 5.0.6?

Hi. I was thinking to use fedora media writer to create bootable fedora 38 usb stick. Now I’m a bit confused, since fedora 38 was released just about 2 days ago and fedora media writer seems to be still on version 5.0.6, which was released month ago.

I want to use fedora media writer, because I have heard that it checks checksum and GPG automatically for you. This is rather important for be, because I don’t want to download malicious or corrupted iso by accident. If it is possible to use fedora media writer now to download fedora 38, does it also have all the proper signatures which it compares to the iso’s checksum?

No problem. The version displayed there are not depending on the version of the mediawriter. It gets read direct from a mirror what is available.

You even can check the iso when you start it the first time.

Hmm I see. But does fedora media writer also pull the signatures and checksum values for new releases from some outside sources or are they provided only through app version updates (for example when the version goes from 5.0.6 to 5.0.7 ect)?

Fedora MediaWriter 5.0.6 includes checksums up to Fedora 38 Beta, but it should download the latest checksums over HTTPS.

See also: MediaWriter/ at main · FedoraQt/MediaWriter · GitHub