Filezilla in Fedora?


So I am trying to make Fedora to work just like windows did, and I require ftp software.

Been using filezilla for years but now I see that only Debian is supported. I have downloaded files but see no clue how to install it? Any suggestions?

Better not.

sudo dnf install filezilla

Drop FTP and use SFTP if possible:

nautilus sftp://user@host/path

Yes, but note:

The FileZilla Client not only supports FTP, but also FTP over TLS (FTPS) and SFTP.

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And as a rule of thumb, don’t do like in windows, where you go to the web site of the software vendor/developer and you download the installer.
On any Linux distribution, all the software is generally available in their repositories (official or third party ones).
So, on Fedora, if you are looking for a software, first of all you should perform
dnf search nameofthesoftware
Or at least look if an RPM repository is offered by the vendor/developer.


Yes, you can do that too, but it’s hardly worth the effort.
I mean, you can make FTP to work over SSH, or wrapped in stunnel, or over VPN.
But there’s no point when you can simply use SFTP directly.

When I say trying to work just like windows, I mean the functionality, not the appearance or system structure. I am aware of other FTP software for Linux but FileZilla is my preference (as this is fully supported by my server provider).

Completely new to Linux so learning through.

Thank you for the info though.

Not sure how to use your last suggestion ‘nautilus’ - any further info?

Also, what would be correct command to remove software from the system? I have used ‘yum’, is this best way to do it?


Wasn’t aware of dnf search, obviously my bad as I hadn’t read entire documentation for the OS, but thank you for the information!

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That’s the default file manager for GNOME.
It can work with network file systems supported by GIO/GVFS like SMB, FTP, SFTP, WebDAV, etc.

sudo dnf remove package_name

See also:

Some years ago it was a big surprise to learn that ‘Files’ on my Fedora31 is called Nautilus. Gnome has a weird name-giving system. Files = Nautilus, Software can be used to install software. Can be confusing.

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