Fedora Silverblue : Replacing default file browser: Nautilus with Nemo

Hi All !

I find Fedora Silverblue with Gnome 42 amazing , but for better or worse, Nautilus, the default file browser included with Gnome lacks too many features and in GUI design compared to Nemo the file manager for the Cinnamon desktop environment.

While Nautilus catchs up, how can I (through command line) replace in Fedora Silverblue the default file browser from Nautilus with Nemo:

  • When an application asks for a file browsing feature (like Firefox to save downloaded files)
  • When any popup window in Gnome or any application or process that would access Nautilus by default and which I would like it to access Nemo instead

for installing your package

$ rpm-ostree install <pkg>
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With rpm-ostree install, you’ll also need to either reboot or pass --apply-live before it will show up.