Fight or Perish (Gauntlet clone)

I finally had a chance to try out Fight or Perish by New Breed Software. It is a game similar in style to Dandy or Gauntlet. It was fun to try out. I wondered how it might look better so I grabbed some Gauntlet like walls from opengameart. I then replaced the player character graphics.

If you happen to have downloaded the old version, a lot has changed. The original game had you moving in whole squares. This is how Dandy worked but not Gauntlet. I tried to make smooth scrolling with it but the experience was not good. Slower characters didn’t move every frame so you have this jittery movement.

I’ve now rewritten how it works so you can move between squares which also means you have smooth diagonal movement now. I’ve started adding some sound effects as well.

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I wrote an Open Game Source article about the work I’ve done. It doesn’t cover everything since I’ve done more work than I usually do for such an article.

Making a flatpak was easier than I expected. I haven’t published it on flathub yet. I haven’t found any problems in testing yet.

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Newest release is available on It adds another new enemy and the beginnings of a map editor.

I found the lost arcade cabinet artwork for Fight or Perish.

The bad artwork for the characters is mine. The background comes from Hyptosis on
Simple Battles |

Learn about the lost arcade cabinet artwork for Fight or Perish.