Mojotron: Robot Wars

I’ve been working on fixing up Mojotron, an open source twin stick shooter. I’ve put together a trailer for the updated version of the game. That version is not available yet. The old version with some minor fixes is available. Fedora is one the few distros which can run the old version since it has ClanLib 0.6. It has problems under wayland. Mojotron: Robot Wars will be using SDL2 instead.


Mojotron: Robot Wars is coming to kickstarter.

I’ve often thought that kickstarter would work well as a bounty system for open source work so this is my attempt to try it out. The kickstarter is not live yet but you can signup to be notified when it goes live.

The Mojotron: Robot Wars kickstarter is now live.

I gave an interview on the LinuxGameCast. We talked about open source games in general and my kickstarter.