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Hey guys I have talked with the design team and a member drew up some ideas of new logos for the Fedora Gaming space. The designer stated that they were taking inspiration from e-spot team logos. I wanted to show you guys some ideas and get some feedback on the ideas.


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I can’t believe the endurance of “The Beefy Miracle”


Hi! I’m the creator of these logos! With the help of some drawings of the Fedora characters from a past intern, I created these designs! If you have a favourite one of these, let me know so I can get to work on it asap. If you want me to tweak somethings as well, I will do that for you too! Thanks so much!


Thank you for your work Jess! My 2 cents: I like how Beefy Miracle is posed with the game controller held towards me, like I’m being invited to play. Also, it is easier to discern that it is a game controller, because it is bigger. In general though, I prefer the panda character over Beefy Miracle.

I could draw the panda doing the same pose at the hotdog and put the controller in their hand as well? I do agree with you with the game controller as well, I do prefer the hot dog version of it. What are your thoughts on the typography as well? out of the three which one do you prefer stylewise?

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Style-wise, I like the Beefy Miracle version best. It has an inviting feel to it, and a stronger impression that the character is bursting out. Its subtle typography emphasizes the character more, which I think works well.

All I have created a small poll to help quantify what people would like to see.

  • Panda
  • Squirrel
  • Beefy Miracle
  • Other

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I loved Beefy Miracle so much I ported him to a vector in Inkscape (at least I tried lol). The main change I made is switching the background from a regular circle to the Fedora logo shape. If anyone wants to use it as a base and keep making it look better, feel free to do so.

Here’s the result:



While I do appreciate the sentiment, I don’t think these logos fit well in gaming space.

If we look at iconic gaming brands, we can think of Razer, Xbox, PlayStation, etc. which the majority of them do not have a character in the logo (exception to Razer, they have snakes but are minimally designed). These brands have fairly minimal designs: little variations of colors, very little amount to no textual characters, etc.

The Fedora Gaming logos we see at the moment are very detailed: they have full words, a character, a lot of colors, and heck, two of them have a logo (Fedora) inside of a logo. This makes it extremely difficult to remember what it was, and might also contribute to people overlooking the logo.

I suggest something minimal: flat, little variations of colors, no characters, something that is very easy to remember, even if the Fedora Project’s logo is not shown or does not indicate that it even is Fedora.

PlayStation and Xbox are owned by Sony and Microsoft respectively, but both logos do not give any indication that they are owned by these companies, but the majority of us already know that both logos are owned by both companies respectively. We could do the same for Fedora.

I think those designs look fantastic, unfortunately I do not believe they fit in gaming space.


Hi, I’m Mo and I am the design team lead (I am Jess’ mentor) and the lead Fedora brand manager.

I understand where you are coming from with this line of thinking, and it could apply if Fedora Gaming was a gaming platform like the Xbox or the Playstation. My understanding is that it is not. Xbox and Playstation are hardware platforms, not communities. Fedora itself would be most analogous to “Xbox” or “Playstation” as an OS platform games can be played on (and Fedora does itself have an abstracted logo.)

The design ticket request described a need for a logo for the “Fedora Gaming Community” (emphasis mine.)

Is that how you would define Fedora Gaming, a community / team of people interested in gaming on Fedora? Or would you describe “Fedora Gaming” differently? Do we need to take a step back and get more clarity on what exactly the logo is for and who it is for?

I really liked Jess’ approach to an esports style logo because those apply to people / teams / communities not products, and my understanding is that this is a logo for a community / team of people.

In terms of Fedora’s brand hierarchy, I do not think a minimalistic custom logo for Fedora Gaming in the vein of Xbox/Playstation is a good move. There’s at least a couple reasons:

  1. It will cause confusion as to whether or not Fedora Gaming is a product or a community. Our long-term practice has been to reserve custom minimalistic logos for the Fedora editions & spins. We take a different approach for community groups, which has historically been very minimal (just logotype treatments) but we are looking at an optional custom mascot-based approach like this to allow for more personalization of the groups.

  2. Community groups are also subbrands of the main Fedora brand… Fedora has its own logomark, subbrands have to fall under that and not compete or clash with it. So an analogy to Sony vs Playstation or Microsoft vs Xbox doesn’t apply… you can’t have an independent brand when you’re naming it “Fedora Gaming” - “Fedora” is a trademark, and “Gaming” is a generic dictionary word you’d likely not be able to trademark. (Playstation and Xbox are trademarks in their own right, in contrast.)

I appreciate your feedback though and we want to make sure the members of Fedora Gaming are happy with the mark - because you’re the ones who will be using it! It does use Fedora’s trademark though, so it must also fit into the brand hierachy we’re setting up to not cause confusion with other brands and subbrands under the Fedora umbrella.

Are you a member of other gaming communities? What are their names, what kinds of logos / artwork do they use?

My apologies. I didn’t know Fedora Gaming represented a community and not a product.

I think taking a step back and getting more clarity would be better. “Fedora Gaming” gave me the impression that it was a product and a community, just like Xbox/PS (products) and their respective communities. And apparently there’s a spin?

I find that it was really unclear to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s unclear to many people. At least I was able to understand what Fedora Gaming is thanks to your comment, but I suggest naming it to “Fedora Gaming Community” to make it clear that this is a community and not a product.

Fair. This is a good way to differentiate products/spins with communities.

I used to, but not anymore because I don’t play many games anymore. The only gaming community I look in every once in a while is Mindustry. I used to Play Minecraft and Terraria, but I’ve played many games, from Assassin’s Creed, to Sims, Sonic Unleashed and Generations, Mario Bros, Mario Kart, etc. I recently started playing Celeste but I haven’t played in a couple of weeks because I’ve been focusing on learning how to program.

Hi @jesschitas ,
I would think it is possible to make the badger a werebadger, no? That would fit into both gaming lore and Fedora badges. Just a thought.
:thinking: Is there such a thing as a werepanda? Not sure about the beefy miracle, maybe a debreziner sausage?
And oh yes, laser eye’s, I find that very effective on cats, and pretty much anything else.

i love yours even better! i love the way you use the fedora logo shape as the background! wouldnt have thought of that! can i save this picture actually and add text to it? i can then send you the vector of the text if you like it


Hi Stephen!
I think everyone is still leaning towards the beefy miracle but i can make vectors of the other two characters just to solidify which character everyone prefers

can i save this picture actually and add text to it?

Of course, feel free to play around with it as much as you’d like!


Look at this example:
i3 SIG (team) logo:

i3 spin old-logo (product):

There are also outreach teams (teams that doesn’t have a “product”) that you can see here:

That’s why needs and requirements have to be super clear when a logo or any design asset is required.

I love this one. My problem here is the colors of the buttons on the controller, it’s way too much like the PS controller (red and purple inverted only), apart of that, the design is beautiful.

P.S.: I’ve just change to this tab again and I noticed the i3 logo, and I remembered that is based on the 4F colors, why not make those buttons with the F4 colors?

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Oh my god. Can we please use this one :joy: