Fedora32 Nextcloud in online-accounts does not work

Hello. I have a new default installation of Fedora 32. When I include Nextcloud in my online-accounts, I can use files and folders, but I cannot use contacts or calendars. This is something I can use without problems in other computer with Fedora 31. Contacts and Calendars shows me as if I had not that online account, just my local configuration. However, I can add and use without problems my Google account, for instance, also for calendars.


That would be a bug in Gnome, the online accounts component. I see that a bug for this is filed here. Can you please comment there? That’ll show the maintainer that it’s a common issue:


It is also reported upstream here, so you can comment there too and try the workarounds there if possible:


I am using GUI KDE on F32 server. I would like to thank many people who participate in the system and develop it.
Have a wonderful day. Thank you. by simmon

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