Online account weird behavior

Odd issue with Online accounts in Gnome Settings. I have Nextcloud account and set sync my calendars, but it doesn’t sync. It syncs normally with my phone, so there is nothing wrong with the Nextcloud itself.
And I cannot unsync Contacts. If I set not to sync, close settings, open it again and check, it is on sync again :face_with_monocle:

Anyone with similar issues?

I’m using NextCloud with Gnome via Online Accounts and contacts sync appears to be working normally for me here on Fedora 36 beta. Are you able to see any errors about it in journalctl?

I do see the issue with not being able to uncheck contacts in the menu. This is certainly a bug that should be reported.

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Yes, contacts are ok, although I cannot uncheck them. The calendar is the issue on my side…well now it seems to work. Maybe it was just a glitch. If anything happens again, I’ll get back to you.

I’ll try to report it. Thanks

Nop, it still doesn’t work. If someone can…make an event in the calendar online in Nextcloud and check if ti synchronize with “calendar” program in Gnome.
Thanks in advance

Ah, I’m using Thunderbird for this and haven’t tried Evolution with it.