Problems with GNOME calender online account syncing

Hi everyone!

I recently started out with Fedora Linux on my Framework laptop. Most things work fine but I’m having problems syncing my calendar.
I come from the apple ecosystem and I have my calendar on iCloud. I would prefer to just continue using that because I already have that set up on my other devices. However, iCloud is not an option in the GNOME online account settings and I can’t figure out how to set it up via a different route. I really need the synchronisation between my devices, so I tried it via NextCloud. But I’m also having trouble with that, because the calendar syncing appears to only be working in one way. When I create an event in the calendar of the online environment of the NextCloud instance, it doesn’t appear in my GNOME calendar, even after manually pressing the sync calendars button. But when I create an event in GNOME calendar, it does appear in NextCloud. And the synchronisation works just fine between my iPhone and NextCloud.
I already tried searching online but couldn’t find any solutions.
Can somebody help me setting up iCloud? And if not, can anyone help me with the NextCloud synchronisation?

Thank you in advance!

I’m replying to my own question because I figured it out. Syncing with iCloud calendar is possible, and it’s easier than some articles would lead you to believe (links like where XX and DS are numbers you need to figure out somehow). This article sums it up perfectly: Using iCloud calendars on GNU/Linux – Aral Balkan. Somehow I completely missed it when searching online. I hope this helps anyone with the same question! :smiley:

GNOME comes with caldav support out of the box, but you can’t access it by default for some reason. Evolution exposes that functionality but it would be nice to not have to install that.