Nextcloud Calendar and To-do list do not synchronize correctly under 'Gnome Online Accounts' on Fedora 37

Logging in to my Nextcloud accounts in Gnome Online Accounts in Fedora 37 basically results in nothing: my Nextcloud Calendar does not appear in my calendar app, my CALDav tasks do not synchronize with any To-Do application (Planner used to work perfectly on Fedora 36, for instance).
I can, however, browse my files in Nautilus if I choose ‘Files’ in the ‘What to synchronize’ dialogue (although I don’t use this feature because I just have the Nextcloud desktop client running)

Removing and re-adding the account seems to have no effect, and neither does rebooting the computer after adding the account. It’s a pity because I really rely on my Nextcloud calendar and To-Do lists for work.

Was this working for you in Fedora 36? Fedora 37 is still a beta and seemed to have some issues outstanding at Beta time regarding Gnome calendar. Looks like you tagged this with f36.

The tag was a mistake, thank you for pointing it out.

Yes, everything was working properly in F36. For the time being, I have added my calendar and tasklist manually in Evolution, which seems to do the trick, but it would be nice to have it working from GOA directly.

I think you have the same problem as described here: Cannot sync with Nextcloud when username is an email address (#921) · Issues · GNOME / gnome-calendar · GitLab

I had the same problem. When I use my email address as my username, my calendars won’t sync. After I changed the username to my “short username”, everything worked as expected.