Fedora Sway SIG are Developing a Sway Spin and OSTree Variant. We're soliciting the community for OSTree naming suggestions!

TLDR: link to the blog - Fedora Sway OSTree Spin name - (Fabio Alessandro Locati|Fale)'s blog

As you may have heard the Sway SIG is working to release a Sway Spin and OSTree Varient of the sway window manager. Very exciting times!

One thing we can’t seem to settle on is a name for the OSTree variant. We’re asking the community for involvement and help on helping us choose a clever name.


Exciting indeed! However for the name, a Sodalite exists already:

Swaf, Swedora, Sedora, Seora, Sera, Sword, Swedo, Swao, Swad, Sedo, Seda, Feswa, Fes, Fay, Feds, Feday, Friday, Sifu . .

Really looking forward to the Spin! - I had to go back to XFCE briefly for a couple of days and I couldn’t find my way around!

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Still, Stuck, Static: Something that plays on words - Sway implies movement, ostree implies immutability (or a fixed point/snapshot).

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gets my vote! :star_struck: :+1:

How about

a balancing rock concept like Kjeragbolten though this is from Digby Nova Scotia.

This is Kjeragbolten …

I would very much enjoy using a sway-on-silverblue setup. Is there a place I can help test and suggest packages or changes for it?

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I’m all for descriptive naming as suggested in another thread:

Fedora Atomic (with) Sway

I’ve been away from the community for some time, but stayed loyal to Fedora all the time, doing my annual upgrades and so on.

When I returned, it took me quite some time figuring out what Silverblue, Kinoite and CoreOS are. How they differ from the desktop spins and what their intended audience is.


How about Swai (replace y for i AKA immutable)

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I think Swanify is a good name.

Sway has a tree in its logo.
Ostree is a tree.
Not having a tree pun in the name seems like a lost opportunity.
Call it Bonsai or something, it’ll vibe well with Kinoite’s name


How about Chalcedony, or Opal, or Callixylon? Or Berea, of course there’s Calcite and Pyrite too.