First real world ostree win for me! The toolbox too!

I love sway and wanted a newer version. I committed to building it from source and I decided to use the fedora toolbox to avoid issues on my host OS. Everything worked great. I installed way more random packages than I would have liked and didn’t have to care because it’s a container. I got sway built and when I finished I tried running ing sway from the virtual console. It was spewing errors about some missi g library. I installed the library using RPM-ostree. It was late so when it finished and I got sway up I just closed the laptop lid.the batter died over night and when I powered the laptop up it was not coming up. I tried the normal troubleshooting procedures to no avail. Then I remembered… :thinking: I’m using ostree, how do I just use an earlier revision? I realized the normal boot loader menu had my revisions. I loaded up a previos version and… BOOM… I was back in buisness.

Thanks SilverBlue.


That’s great! Just in case, I’d recommend running an fsck on your partition afterwards, as ext4 doesn’t always handle abrupt shutoffs too well.

Xfs for win! I checked it :wink:

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Haha nice, I’ve got to try that next install.

Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

Had that, but really regretted that later, when I needed to shrink the partition. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

not sure why (or how to change it) but rpm-ostree keeps only the last two deployments, you can however “pin” the deployment you want to keep like this:
sudo ostree admin pin 2