Fedora stops working after update

Hello, hope you are doing great.
I’m some issue regarding fedora 39, once installed, it works fine, but once I do the updates( either terminal or from the store) it stops working. I’ve done this twice with just to see it was some kind of a one tome thing, but it’s not, other distributions work fine.
I’ve recorded what is going on, the video is around 3 minutes, so you can just skip a bit, after the end that screen persists for another 2-3 minutes, I get to the login screen, enter password and go blank again.

Laptop -ideapad 3, I3-10051g, Mx330 gpu, 8gb of ddr4, and nvme pcie 3 ssd.

I’m not that good with linux, so apologies if i ask few questions regarding your explanations.

Sorry for poor video quality, as I had to resize to so it could be uploaded ( expires in 2 days, if needed, will reupload)

Thank you in advance .

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Try to disconnect all devices from laptop (dockstation,sec monitor etc ) and run like that If you couldn’t boot try older kernel from grub menu (to show up grub reboot and hold esc or shift button)

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What login screen? I could only see the boot screen.

Press Esc on that screen to get boot logs. They are hidden by default.

Just because I am lazy, what GPU brand is that?

Added boot

Just next time replay to original poster

I have already tried doing that, same thing, nothing happened

So you have 2 kernels installed right? The old one and the new one.

Try to boot into the new one, force shutdown after waiting some time, boot in the old kernel and see if that works

If it works, open a terminal and give us journalctl -b -1

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