System with eGPU no longer boots with Fedora Workstation 39 and Kernel 6.7.4

I have a ThinkPad T14S Gen 4, which I usually use with a RX 6900XT eGPU. Today I updated Fedora to kernel 6.7.4 and the system doesn’t boot anymore - it gets stuck and displays some error messages. Without the eGPU connected, it boots up just fine. Older kernels work without issues.

I am attaching a photo of what the laptop displays when it gets stuck booting. I would really appreciate if there’s anything I can do to fix this, or where to report this to kernel maintainers directly, as I have no idea how any of that works. I am happy to provide any logs or additional information that’s needed.

Thank you!

Can you check the logs ?

Hopefully there is more info there. Also if there is anything in Problem Reporting, would be good to submit that as well.

Sounds a bit like this

If you’re a bit technical, I suggest to file a bug against the kernel amd driver here:

The failed boots don’t appear to produce any logs at all, which is… very strange.

Thank you, I have done so: Fedora 39 with kernel 6.7.4 doesn't boot if using RX 6900XT eGPU (#3182) · Issues · drm / amd · GitLab