Can't boot after fresh install

I did a fresh installation of fedora 39, it work fine, i was login in to gmail and then for some reason it send me to the bios setting and now there is no disk to boot from. I tried reinstalling but this time it doesen’ even boot, grub appears and I select the option to boot fedora39 and it sends me to the bios, can someone please help?

When I try launching a efi shell from the bios it says warning not found. And there are no boot options to select from

UPDATE: now sometimes it boots and i get to use fedora for some time until all from the sudden it pushes me to the bios again, and when I restart I get some screen teardown that’s very weird.

We really really need some hardware information. Otherwise there is nothing on which to base even guesses.

Brand, model, cpu, video GPU, spin of fedora, SSD or HDD, laptop or desktop, dual gpu? yes/no, etc.

motherboard: asrock b450m Pro4
cpu: cpu ryen 7 3700x
gpu: nvidia gt 710
it is an ssd, fedora 39 workstation, desktop and no double gpu, thanks for your help

So now it crashed again and instead of throwing me to the bios it showed me a notification that the kernel log indicates that hardware errors where detected, i am now trying to install mcelog so that I can view the error.

The bios is 5 years old, do you think that it can have something to do?, should I update it?

A bios that old should definitely be updated if a new one is available. Updates are done for a reason by the manufacturer. Looking at the available bios updates it seems one was released for that board on 11/21/23.

I am using asrock mobos (B550) with my ryzen 7 processors. The crash may easily be caused by the newer kernel that is not properly supported by that old bios.

Also you are using an nvidia GPU. Are the nvidia drivers from rpmfusion installed or are you still using the nouveau driver?

ok I just did something very stupid, i went into the bios when the nvme was registres and I erased all itd contents to see if that help,I was like ok maybe just a fresh install again will work, but now it just loops over the installer and doesen’ even start. :frowning:

by a regression in the kernel, but not that kernel removed support for an older mainboard. I am using computers with mainboard way older than 5 years…

It may be that the hardware problem you were experiencing has gone from intermittent to full failure. If it was the NVME that failed, removing it may allow you to boot a “Live” installer.