Fedora Server for my own 'Spin'

Hello, dear Fedora community! I wanna install fedora server for creating the base for my own ‘spin’ with Wayland, hyperwm and optional tools. Is it good idea? Or I should use any spin and then add optional WM, like Hyperland? And I wanna use my ‘spin’ for development like Workstation or other spins (sway, i3, kde, gnome and etc.) and use it not only as a server.

Spins come with packages curated by the maintainers of that spin. If you don’t want to manually install all the software you need, this is a good place to start. But if you want to build your own desktop with your choice of applications, you can do a minimal installation and go from there. For example, Sway spin includes Thunar, lxqt-polkit, sddm, etc. If you want to use a different file manager, polkit agent, display manager, etc, I suggest you do a minimal install.


MInimal installing? I have heard it first time:) I have heard something like that about Fedora server. Can you explain me how to do that?

Hint: you could web search for “fedora minimal” and that would take you here: Fedora Minimal | The Fedora Project

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And another question: if i decide to install fedora server, i will install all needed software: pulse audio, thunar, lightdm/sddm and etc… It means I must to update them and other programs manually every time? Or I can use dnf update?

Edit: was answering wrong question.

The spin’s are just a way to get started with useful packages installed in one go.
After that dnf only looks at the list of package you have installed.
If there is a new package then dnf will install it.

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Thanks:) But I have seen “For ARM® aarch64 systems” in Fedora Minimal’s download page. I have AMD x86_64 system. I don’t know, but I think it will not work:(

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Oh! It does! Hmmm I have used Fedora minimal in the past on x86 I wonder where I got it from.
I have also use Fedorta minimal on Raspberry Pi recently.

My web search is not finding an x86 version of minimal. Maybe I’m misremembering and use Fedora Server?

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Anything is possible :slight_smile:

Maybe you are refering to the minimal option in the network installer?

ISO can be downloaded here: https://alt.fedoraproject.org/


That must be what I’m forgetting! I have indeed used the network installer in the past.

So you have installed fedora server?

Why Fedora alt exists? I have seen Fedora’s smaller image on alt.fedoraprojects is 685 MB, but fedora server is 686 MB. I mean, are fedora’s alt downloads safe?

The netinstall lets you select the software you want in the installer. So by selecting minimal you get one of the most minimal installations. Then you can add your own stuff on top.

The difference with fedora server is that you can get a desktop configuration. So no LVM / xfs as filesystem layout but btrfs, no server firewall configuration etc…

It is safe, it is a supported install method. It will be more work though. Also see: Downloading Fedora :: Fedora Docs

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There is no desktop in server. What would be the point as must servers are headless or locked in a dark machine room?

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dnf upgrade will update all software you have installed with dnf.

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I might have worded that confusedly?

I meant to say that the netinstall can do a desktop configuration, unlike the server. As in this is the difference between the 2. So you are correct.

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To avoid duplications you might want to use the Sway Spin / Sericea as base.

Also have a look at wayblue which should be a useful headstart (and has already working atomic images for all officially packaged Wayland WMs)