Atomic usage with custom desktops


I have a custom setup I’ve been using for over a decade (based on XMonad). Is there a path to trying out an Atomic-like install with such a setup or do I need to start from some existing one (sway would be closest). Of course, XMonad is X-only still, so that’s something the sway setup misses.

I guess my question is: how easy isit /would it be to maintain a “custom” atomic spin for my own uses? Or am I best just staying on “plain” Fedora for the time being?

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Fedora IOT would be closer I guess. It is basically “Fedora Atomic Server”.

You may need to place some files like the desktop init stuff in protected directories. You can do so by creating an RPM, have a look at sddm2rpm as an example.

You might want to try something using Wayland like waymonad, as Xorg is at the very end of support and Fedora may soon drop it.

It is very stable though, and I am sure a COPR will be there once it gets dropped.

Also for sure have a look at wayblue and blue-build, where they have a very nice build pipeline for creating your own spin.


As far as the system is concerned, it’s just basic RPM stuff; everything is launched when I login at a TTY by systemd --user (i.e., there’s no login manager at all).

Waymonad is basically abandonware at this point (last touched 5 years ago). I’m Cc’d on a number of issues about Wayland support for XMonad, but there hasn’t been movement :frowning: . I might be able to find a compositor replacement, but a lot of the features I use are fairly unique to XMonad :frowning: .

This is probably the best way, outside of creating an image of your install (Podman compose/ ephemeral etc. . . ) which I honestly would recommend for the fun of it.