Fedora Spin. Removing default DE/WM

Hello, dear Fedora Community! I use Fedora Sway. Now I have installed additional WM - Hyprland. If I delete Sway, will I break the system? I have just tried do it, but Fedora said me this is protected package. Is it good idea to delete Sway?
P.S. I have asked you about netinst and something like that, and I want to stay on Spin and upgrade it personally for me for the moment, maybe I will move on netinst one time.

You can remove it from the protected package list, but It’s not too big a deal. I would keep it.
If you know how to troubleshoot issues if they arise, then the protected package list is in :
/etc/dnf/protected.d for me it’s a file called fedora-workstation.conf .

To reiterate, I would keep them it’s not a big deal to keep them there.

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Ok, I will do same.

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