Sway works well with Fedora Asahi Remix

I was using Sway on my fixed Archlinux computer, so naturally I wanted to test it on Fedora Asahi.

Here’s a little feedback for anyone who might be interested.
Everything works perfectly as I use it. I haven’t found any bugs or other malfunctions.

Many thanks to all the people who keep this wonderful project going.

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Same here - I’ve been using sway with Fedora Asahi Remix since August and it’s been rock solid :slight_smile:


Can anyone say the same for the hyperland setup too?

Sure, it works, but it’s worth noting that the project has recently been embroiled in a controversy surrounding its community dynamics. Despite the projects promising features, there have been recent reports on a toxic community environment, with instances of tolerance towards hateful views and harassment. Considering this recent controversy, I would recommend approaching the Hyprland project with caution and, for now, staying away until there are visible improvements in the community atmosphere (which I doubt will happen).

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Curiosity got the best of me, so I installed it using this copr, and then spent about 30 minutes exploring it and modifying the default configuration. It was just as fast and stable as sway during that time. I had no issues with running VScode, my FreeBSD Qemu VM, or anything else within it. And there was nothing bad in the Systemd journal either.

Personally, I have no plans on switching from sway as my daily driver. But if the community issues Samil mentioned get resolved and Fedora builds official hyprland packages (or even a hyprland spin), I’d consider migrating to it.

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How did you install it?
Can you do a minimal install (no KDE or Gnome) of Fedora Asahi and then simply dnf install sway?

Yes you can. You may find you need an extra package here and there that is normally installed alongside KDE (pipewire-related IIRC), but those are easy enough to install.

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Thanks Jason :slight_smile:
Never tried sway. Can I install it alongside kde and choose environment at boot?

Yes, sway will show up as an option in your display manager after you install it. You can then configure it to your liking, much like i3.

If you like my configuration (mentioned earlier), my sway configuration dotfiles are here (they are for Arch when Asahi was based on Arch, but it will work fine on Fedora Asahi Remix with the odd change that you’ll likely want to make anyways).

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