Sericea and Sway vs. Gnome

I enjoy using Silverblue but I just learned about Sericea. Fedora Sericea | The Fedora Project. Not sure I understand how the Sway WM works. Has anyone tried it? Obviously all opinions are subjective, but I’d like to hear what people think about Sway compared to Gnome.

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I am a very light user to both Sway WM and Gnome - just internet browsing and Youtube watching, reading forums, etc.

As of Fedora 38, Sway WM is more ready for use out of the box . And in one sentence, I will compare Sway WM and Gnome as:

Sway WM make it possible to not use a Mouse in a GUI environment.


Much of my work involves a couple netbeans GUI apps with (overly) complicated interfaces that take up the entire screen and more RAM that I can afford. I tried sway in the hope that the lower overhead would reduce pressure on RAM, but there were some glitches. I think sway is still under development, so will continue to try it from time to time.

Interesting. Then I’m not sure its something I want to try because I am used to using a mouse. Distro hopping away from what is familiar, especially for a relatively new Linux user, can be frustrating. A couple of weeks ago I gave Nitrux a try. It was attractive, but I found it very confusing and many things did not behave as I expected them to. I came back to Silverblue within a few days. Although I’m curious about Sericea, I’m not sure I want to re-learn how to do everything.

Install it under virt-manager, may be you will fall in love during the first encounter.

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That probably exceeds my technical abilities.

If you install sway it will appear in the list of GUI’s along with Gnome, so you can choose the environment you want to use when you login. Virt-manager is well worth learning because you can experiment in a VM with minimal risk of damage to your main Fedora installation.

Or try the image in Boxes | Flathub, no?

I’ll install Boxes and give it a try.

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Didn’t work. There is only a beta version available and it wont install in Boxes. The installation freezes.

How do you start the installation in Boxes?

  1. Download Installation ISO from
  2. Start Boxes
    • → Install from files
  3. Choose ISO downloaded in <1>
  4. Choose UEFI, set OS type as Silverblue
  5. Start
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That’s what I did. Maybe I’ll wait and try again when its out of beta.

Sway is very similar to i3, so you could also try the Fedora i3 spin in Boxes if you just want to get a feel for this type of tiling window manager.

There should be plenty of demonstrations and tutorials of either WM on YouTube as well.

Most WMs are keyboard-centric. Perhaps you can say what you find lacking in GNOME and others can recommend solutions.

Nitrux is the distro equivalent of a rebellious teenager—every choice they make for the system is not the most popular choice. While having the freedom to choose is good, it appears they are not making these choices based on merit, but simply to be contrarian. The combination of less common parts also means support is very difficult, especially for a new user.