Workstation without any desktop environment?

I want to use just terminal + chrome without any desktop environment like gnome/xfce. Which fedora should I install workstation then remove gnome or server.

Thinking about your requirements.

You will need enough desktop environment to be able to support the gui terminal app and the chrome browser.

Wayland based gives the best chance to keep working over future releases.

Why do you consider gnome or kde unsuitable?

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The only way I can think of is installing a minimal base system, then install a window manager (WM) , and the apps you need. A Desktop Environment (DE) is not required.

Removing a DE isn’t all that easy. Better use the “netinstall Everything” image and install a base system from which you build your minimalistic system with WM and Firefox.


Sounds like you want to try out sway. i3 and sway are minimal in the sense that they do almost nothing, and do that blazingly fast :wink:
i3 uses X11, and while i3 is great, now is not a good time to start using an X11-bound environment.
sway sets out to be a Wayland-bound i3 alternative.
Note that depending on how you install sway in Fedora (sway spin or different spin) it comes with a different default config. You can always switch easily (and customize, of course). But the default config in the Fedora sway spin comes with more bells and whistles than upstream’s (sway) default or the Fedora config, and this may or may not be what you want if you’re looking for “minimal”.

[I’m in the process of switching from i3 to sway; came to i3 because KDE drove me there back then; came to KDE because Gnome drove me there way back :wink: ]

By terminal I mean tty default terminal of a server installation + firefox. Firefox/chrome can work without window manager on x11. I have test on termux android but I don’t know about Wayland on my low end PC.

There is Cage which is a Wayland kiosk:

You can run the command xinit firefox and this will be as minimal as it gets. However, without a window manager to add the window decorations, you can’t resize or move the firefox window.

What about xdotool, I worked nice on x11