How do I install GNOME on top of Sway?


I want to install Fedora 40 with Sway, GNOME, Wayland, gdm, and nouveau on matching hardware. If I install the GNOM distro for some reason I end up with X11 and am unable to get Wayland going. If I install the Sway distro I get everything I want except GNOME (I need to be able to switch between GNOME and Sway). I think the easiest path is to install the Sway distro but I can’t figure out how to install GNOME. Everytime I try, I end up with something without any GUI.

So, given a Sway installation, how can I add GNOME (and keep using Wayland)?


gnome sway wayland

While this is only adjacent to your question, there was a similar report here in the forums that the user couldn’t access Wayland but only the X11 session from the GDM screen, even when on nouveau drivers.

When I used to run sway and gnome, I would install a minimal system from the everything iso. Once booted I would install gnome followed by sway.

To start I would start with:

gnome-shell nautilus firefox gnome-console gnome-text-editor gdm bash-completion
microcode_ctl neovim

I would then install other things (sway, etc …) and tweak gdm to launch things as needed.

I don’t know that installing this way would help with getting wayland going at all.

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