Fedora 39 doesn't show options in login screen to choose Gnome from xorg or wayland

Hello, I have recently noticed that my Fedora 39 doesn’t show the login options i.e., Gnome from xorg and Gnome from Wayland. It only shows Gnome and Gnome from classic. What happened to other options?

Welcome to Fedora @ankit123618

How did you install F39 ? If you check in the Release-Change-Set of F39 it has been removed for Sericea and Sway spin:

Sericea and Sway Spin Xorg-less

At the moment Sericea and Sway Spin ship with xorg-x11 packages. This proposal aims to remove xorg-x11 packages from such artifacts.

If you installed gnome on sway as an example it will miss x11.

I have installed Fedora 39 workstation normally by downloading from website. Not any other version like spin and all