FEDORA OS installation failed(beginner)

As a beginner i need some help on installing Fedora in my system. I tried some of the way i saw in YT. But something i missing and installation is failing. I kindly request some help for the installation. I’m a complete beginner in this process.
There is an error showed while the installation.

Hi welcome to :fedora:
Looking at the error it seems like it is failing checksum which maybe the reason why you encounter this error i recommend you check the download iso again and check checksum do to your downloads folder and if in windows
certUtil -hashfile pathofthefile.iso sha256
For linux sha256sum filename.iso

Compare the values if this values does not match you need to download fedora workstation again.

When you boot the install image it has a menu: Install Fedora or Check the install image and then install it. By default it selects the second option to check the image first.

  • Option A: If you trust the site you downloaded it from, you can select the first option and install it without checking it.

  • Option B: You can download a new image from the official site.

If the sha256 values do match, you need to examine how you created bootable media. Fedora provides Fedora Media Writer for Windows. This page also has a link to methods that don’t need Windows.

If you didn’t do so to begin with, I’d recommend that you use Fedora Media Writer to create the install USB and try again.

If you scroll down a bit, you will find a download link for Mac & Windows version of the Fedora Media Writer.

There you can download direct in the media writer the version you want. We are very close to the release date of the F38 Beta. And a update to Stable is as simple as a normal update.

Do you have a link, to see what you are looking for?