Installation crashes and sha256sum fails

is it just me, but i keep crashing on after installation creating basic setup just stops to responding on network setup phase and then dont have restart/shutdown options just need to hard reset and then each time i start fresh installation test & install fails on 4.85% and verification on downloaded files hits “sha256sum: WARNING: 17 lines are improperly formatted”

What are the steps you are following?
What Fedora image are you trying to install?

Guessing I would say that your USB stick is bad. Try a different USB stick?

That is not a problem. The 17 lines are the gpg verification hash. You have to look for a line containing the name of the file followed by the text “OK”.

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Difrent USB same issues after skipping test and installed fedora downloaded again image fedora workstation 39 same USB as before verification all good and flashed image booted to bios data wipe from bios booted from USB test and install passed and then installation successful and first boot setup successful no issues latest image on fedora workstation download

This happens when a file with sha256sum lines also has PGP signature data, so is not and error and should no block installation.

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