Problem trying to install Fedora

I am trying to install fedora from a USB memory and when I start the installer I get 2 errors: failure reading sector 8x26860 from hde and the other error you need to load the kernel first, my pc has an AMD Phenom II X4 840 processor, 4 of DDR2 Ram, 120Gb SSD and the mcp6pb m2+ motherboard.

This suggests that it’s having trouble reading one of your hard-drives. If this refers to your USB drive, then it could be that your USB drive is failing. The “error you need to load the kernel first” seems like you might have a corrupt installer image on your USB stick. How did you create the bootable USB stick?

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First I used Fedora Media Writer, as I had downloaded the iso through that app, I used that iso with rufus, I think it could be the iso too

If you think it could be the iso that is easy to verify with the checksum provided from the fedora download site.

The green check button beside the download icon links to the checksum file for verifying the iso is intact.

Brother, if you can install by changing the USB to a boot hard drive, but it is very slow and with errors, I finished the installation and it is just as slow with errors in some visual things like the store looks terrible, I am going to try to format again but I don’t know what I know.

Could there be drivers that are not compatible

It also gets stuck in certain parts and I have to restart the PC